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Tree pruning is the type of work that should be left to professionals. If you do not have the experience, or the right equipment to trim large trees, you could be putting yourself and your property at risk by attempting the work on your own. Thankfully, we offer full tree pruning service here at A-1 Express Lawn Service. We have been pruning trees for a very long time, and we do it safely and concisely. There is a method to our tree pruning service that will yield positive results for the health and appearance of your trees.

No matter how many trees you have on your Marysville, CA property, we will fully take care of your pruning needs. Take a look at what our tree pruning service includes:

• Tree Trimming—Trimming is not only done to make your trees look neater, it is also vital to the growth of new, healthy limbs, which will increase the longevity of the entire tree.

• Palm Tree Trimming—Nothing says “California” like fanning palm trees. We are palm tree experts and know exactly how to safely and effectively trim them.

• Limb Removal—Dead and rotting limbs sap nutrients away from your otherwise healthy tree and can negatively affect its overall wellbeing. We safely remove these limbs, so that your trees can thrive.

From palm tree pruning to general tree care, there is nobody that knows more about healthy trees than we do. Making us your choice for tree trimming services will ensure that your trees are well cared for, no matter what the weather is like. Do not let these vital pieces of your lawn go to waste.

Keep them healthy and attractive with our tree pruning service!

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