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About Us | A-1 Express Lawn Service - Marysville, CA

You can trust us here at A-1 Express Lawn Service because we are a fully licensed lawn care company. We have the tools, equipment, and most importantly, the detailed knowledge of all things pertaining to lawns to yield the most gorgeous outdoor area for your property. Our business was established in Olivehurst, CA, and through years of dedication of hard work, we are proud to offer our services to the neighborhoods of Marysville, CA.

We are the company that will make you fall in love with your front lawn or backyard. You will find any excuse to be out on your lawn after we are through with it. We offer a number of professional services that include but are not limited to general lawn service, tree pruning, foreclosure landscaping, fence repair, debris hauling service, and more.

In order for us to be able to say “A-1 Express were the best,” we have to have the most professional and comprehensive lawn care service in the city-—and that is precisely what we offer. We live by our slogan and are constantly working to distinguish our services from other lawn care companies in the area. Count on our personalized brand of lawn maintenance and landscaping services to improve the look of your home today!

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